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The last person Danny expects to spot walking away from Mindy's door is Luke-Aren't-I-Amazing-With-Balls-Garroway. Instinct makes him pause around the corner of the corridor until he has disappeared in the opposite direction, then he peeks round the wall, brows furrowing.

He hadn't looked like he'd just come out of a hot 'n steamy make-out session but then why would he have been there? Danny has remained friends with exactly zero of his exes on account of them being his exes, so it is with a hint of trepidation that he crooks a finger and knocks on Mindy's door. He hasn't called or texted because he doesn't think he needs to but maybe he ought to have.

"Min?" His voice is smaller than he intends it to be, so he clears his throat. "Min?"

[for Mindy]

Jul. 5th, 2015 01:25 am
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"Oh boy..."

The tie just won't sit straight. Why is he even wearing one? His Ma is nowhere to be seen and it's not like he's at a funeral. Though staring at himself in the bathroom's mirror and failing in the simple task of even straightening his own tie does kind of make him want to throw himself in front of the nearest moving vehicle.

He's wearing it for Mindy, he tells himself, passing the heel of his hand across his forehead to stave off the sweat. Shirt, tie, smart blazer, dark jeans. Nothing too fancy, so she knows there's room for improvement, but nice enough for her to realize he's made an effort.

They have been on hundreds of dates before, he can see that now, but back then, neither of them had acknowledged the time spent together as that. A date. Suddenly they slap a name on what they're doing and Danny finds himself heading straight for the bathroom almost as soon as they'd sat down at their table. He had brought Mindy somewhere a little upmarket because surely that's the way to make this thing they've started, this new aspect of their relationship, official? Judging by the way his stomach is twisted in knots, however, he would much rather be chilling on the couch with her in scrubs, eating dry chicken nuggets and watching whatever crap she'd chosen to torture him with on any given night.

Taking a deep breath, he checks his watch, mentally calculating how long he's been in here. Fingers that are usually so nimble tug at the loop around his neck with renewed speed, undoing it for the third time just so he can retie it again.
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"The best thing about Darrow is the variety of hot people. Hot astrophysicists, hot bakers, superheroes like Captain America and the Ironman. All these dreamy mountains of white muscle, all ripe for the picking."

“But all of that is crap,” Danny concludes definitively, lifting a finger when Amelia opens her mouth to reply. “I told her: variety is not the spice of life. She’s Indian, so she’s biased. Her people are all about sexy zests and erotic aromas. I mean, cumin? C’mon.”

“Dr Lahiri is with a patient, Dr Castellano.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll wait. Do you know what variety is?” At Amelia’s wide-eyed look, Danny leans closer, lowering his head as well as his voice. “Dangerous. It’s dangerous! Especially in a place like Darrow. Variety means you never know who’s gonna do what. Variety means change. Constantly. Take you, for example. You just—poof—up and disappeared for what, two weeks without a trace and—"


“You and Dr Fowler and all my patients and—"

“I don’t understand. I haven’t taken any vacation time in…” She swivels in her chair to look at the wall calendar, several vials of unlabelled blood in each hand, still waiting to be dealt with since his interruption.

“Oh boy. Y’know what! I’m thinking of someone else. Definitely, definitely someone else.” He hears the door to Mindy’s office spring open and pokes his head out of phlebotomy. “Hey!” He greets with forced cheer. “Did you know Amelia hasn’t taken any vacation time in—"

“Six months.”

“Six whole months! How about that. Great chat, Ames.” He sends Mindy a pointed look – they’re surrounded by crazy – as he passes her into her office.

“I actually prefer Amelia.”

“She prefers Amelia, Mindy," he accuses. "Jeez.”
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"Why do you have green flamingos on your bra?"

Danny never finds out. Before he knows it, he's lifting Mindy onto her desk, paperwork floating to the floor, stationary clattering around them, computer screen flickering in his peripheral vision as he mouths down her neck, fingers scrabbling roughly with the rest of the buttons on her blouse.

She doesn't say anything. Doesn't answer any of his questions but she has this hungry look in her eyes and it drives him on. He helps her with his belt, pushes her skirt out of the way and gives her what she's begging him, over and over, for. When he captures her lips, it's like the whole world starts to shake.

Woah )
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No citizens mean no cabs and no cabs mean Danny is sweaty and out of breath by the time he reaches their building. He knows better than to risk the elevator, so he takes the stairs two at a time up to their floor, bursting through Fowler and Associate's doors like he's interrupting a gross miscarriage of justice in a court room or stopping the wedding of his unrequited love in one of those movies that he hates.

There's no Dr Fowler or Amelia in sight but that's no surprise. She's already told him they're gone. She also told him that she's here but Danny's not going to believe it until he sees her with his own eyes. Words on his cellphone screen aren't enough.

"Mindy? Mindy!"
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It's a good thing Danny had found a gym so soon after arriving in Darrow. Without one, he's pretty sure he'd have had trouble even lifting Mindy's purse from her desk, let alone lugging it down a few flights of stairs, her coat slung over one arm. He's not sure what she carries in there and he has no desire to find out, but if it means she'll follow him downstairs faster, an aching bicep is a price he's willing to pay.

She had been with a patient when he'd left, so Amelia is tasked with ensuring Mindy not only gets the message but gets a move on too. She doesn't really know what's going on but there's been no doctor drama or slamming of doors, so she's counting today as a good day. So far, anyway.

She's a little tentative as she catches Mindy leaving phlebotomy.

"Doctor Castellano said to tell you he's waiting for you downstairs." She checks her notepad in her hands. "Also that he-- I'm quoting-- has your bag and will donate an item from it to a homeless person every thirty seconds that you're not there. He also said you have to use the stairs..."
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It’s nearing 6pm and thanks to a surprisingly discreet Amelia, Danny knows Mindy isn’t scheduled to be at the hospital tonight. So aside from a couple of sentences in the break room, that would mean they had gone a whole day without speaking to each other, even at work, and knowing that gives him an uneasy feeling that he can’t shake off.

It’s amazing how quickly Mindy can move when she really wants to. Danny’s been busying himself with paperwork for the past half hour, waiting for the sound of her office door closing, and as soon as he hears it, he’s up and out of his chair, satchel slung across his chest. He’s surprised that he gets out only just in time to catch a glimpse of her leaving the lobby. Usually she stops to regale the entire practice with stories from her day – the patient who she’s 99.9% confident will take her advice and name their son Thor, the injustice of receiving her lunch delivery addressed to Mr Lahiri simply because she’d ordered the 16oz steak, picketing Dr Fowler to change their wifi password to something she finds easier to remember (what’s wrong with taylor4harry4ever?! It has NUMBERS, Danny!) or her futile attempts to sell on whatever weird object she couldn’t say no to at the latest flea market she never meant to go to.

He misses it, all of it, and it’s why he races after her, calling out before she can disappear.

“Hey, hold the elevator.”
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There is one fundamental flaw in Darrow.

Scratch that, there are plenty of things wrong in Darrow and Danny's figured that out in less than a week, but there's only one that is currently at the centre of his most recent tirade.

"They're supposed to put the sauce on the bun first, Mindy, first, then add the meatballs. Then more sauce. Then a sprinkle of provolone cheese, not a pinch, not a scattering, a sprinkle. Then back under the heat for another sixty seconds. I mean, how hard is that?"

Incredibly so, if the last-but-one sandwich shop is anything to go by. The 'sandwich technician' - don't even get him started - had burst into floods of tears the fourth or fifth time Danny had been kind enough to offer some words of constructive criticism regarding her sauce-slathering skills. If you could even call it sauce. Both he and Mindy had been escorted (slash manhandled) off the premises when Danny had started complaining rather vocally about how dry his balls were.

"I feel like a jackass for paying ten bucks for that sandwich. But this? This one looks like the real deal," he says with a passion, unwrapping another meatball sub as they leave the latest shop, this time of their own accord. It had taken fifteen minutes from ordering to receiving but Danny doesn't mind waiting for the genuine article.

He's barely out on the sidewalk when he practically stuffs half the sub in his mouth. "This could be it, Min." The words are muffled from the food rolling around. It's only taken six stops to get here. "This could--nope." 

Half-chewed sandwich is propelled into his hand and he moves immediately to the nearest trash can, relieving Mindy of her sub on the way.

Yelp has nothing on Danny.


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