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This is Dan. I'm busy. Call me back.


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[for Mindy]

Jul. 5th, 2015 01:25 am
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"Oh boy..."

The tie just won't sit straight. Why is he even wearing one? His Ma is nowhere to be seen and it's not like he's at a funeral. Though staring at himself in the bathroom's mirror and failing in the simple task of even straightening his own tie does kind of make him want to throw himself in front of the nearest moving vehicle.

He's wearing it for Mindy, he tells himself, passing the heel of his hand across his forehead to stave off the sweat. Shirt, tie, smart blazer, dark jeans. Nothing too fancy, so she knows there's room for improvement, but nice enough for her to realize he's made an effort.

They have been on hundreds of dates before, he can see that now, but back then, neither of them had acknowledged the time spent together as that. A date. Suddenly they slap a name on what they're doing and Danny finds himself heading straight for the bathroom almost as soon as they'd sat down at their table. He had brought Mindy somewhere a little upmarket because surely that's the way to make this thing they've started, this new aspect of their relationship, official? Judging by the way his stomach is twisted in knots, however, he would much rather be chilling on the couch with her in scrubs, eating dry chicken nuggets and watching whatever crap she'd chosen to torture him with on any given night.

Taking a deep breath, he checks his watch, mentally calculating how long he's been in here. Fingers that are usually so nimble tug at the loop around his neck with renewed speed, undoing it for the third time just so he can retie it again.
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Father’s Day is the worst. If someone’s lucky enough to have a good dad, they should celebrate that privately instead of rubbing it in everyone else’s faces. That is exactly what Danny is thinking as he gives the envelope an agitated lick before sticking it down, turning it over and scrawling Mindy’s name on the front in handwriting unlike his own.

He had woken up in a hell of a mood and the self-loathing has only grown during the day. He’s a jerk—no, he’s worse, he’s an asshole. The letters he’d written to Mindy might have worked had he not lost his nerve after Valentine’s Day, the moment he’d actually gotten what he was looking for; a sign that Mindy was open to exploring something with him.

Except not with him. With some made up guy whom neither of them has ever met before. He might have been able to convince himself that it was that guy that had hurt Mindy, made her feel like she wasn’t enough, like she wasn’t beautiful, but he remembers writing every single word of that letter. He remembers meaning every single word too, which makes him all the more angry that he screwed it up.

But this letter, it’ll help. It has to. Mindy needs closure just as much as he does and the letter symbolises a gentle end. Mystery Guy has been deported, without the ability to communicate for months on end, but oh, how he’d wanted to write sooner, but he didn’t have anything on his person to exchange with the other inmates for pen and paper. Until now. Sure, he won’t have any toilet paper for the next fortnight but Mindy is worth it. Even if they can never be together. Yadda yadda yadda.

Written through the haze of suppressed rage and resentment, Danny hasn’t noticed how different this letter sounds to the rest. Grabbing his keys from the chest beside his door, he hears a crunch underfoot as he steps out, looking down to find a DVD in a newly cracked case. Kicking it away, he disappears into the city.

Danny Castellano: A Ken Burns Style Documentary )
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It's a good thing Danny had found a gym so soon after arriving in Darrow. Without one, he's pretty sure he'd have had trouble even lifting Mindy's purse from her desk, let alone lugging it down a few flights of stairs, her coat slung over one arm. He's not sure what she carries in there and he has no desire to find out, but if it means she'll follow him downstairs faster, an aching bicep is a price he's willing to pay.

She had been with a patient when he'd left, so Amelia is tasked with ensuring Mindy not only gets the message but gets a move on too. She doesn't really know what's going on but there's been no doctor drama or slamming of doors, so she's counting today as a good day. So far, anyway.

She's a little tentative as she catches Mindy leaving phlebotomy.

"Doctor Castellano said to tell you he's waiting for you downstairs." She checks her notepad in her hands. "Also that he-- I'm quoting-- has your bag and will donate an item from it to a homeless person every thirty seconds that you're not there. He also said you have to use the stairs..."
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It’s nearing 6pm and thanks to a surprisingly discreet Amelia, Danny knows Mindy isn’t scheduled to be at the hospital tonight. So aside from a couple of sentences in the break room, that would mean they had gone a whole day without speaking to each other, even at work, and knowing that gives him an uneasy feeling that he can’t shake off.

It’s amazing how quickly Mindy can move when she really wants to. Danny’s been busying himself with paperwork for the past half hour, waiting for the sound of her office door closing, and as soon as he hears it, he’s up and out of his chair, satchel slung across his chest. He’s surprised that he gets out only just in time to catch a glimpse of her leaving the lobby. Usually she stops to regale the entire practice with stories from her day – the patient who she’s 99.9% confident will take her advice and name their son Thor, the injustice of receiving her lunch delivery addressed to Mr Lahiri simply because she’d ordered the 16oz steak, picketing Dr Fowler to change their wifi password to something she finds easier to remember (what’s wrong with taylor4harry4ever?! It has NUMBERS, Danny!) or her futile attempts to sell on whatever weird object she couldn’t say no to at the latest flea market she never meant to go to.

He misses it, all of it, and it’s why he races after her, calling out before she can disappear.

“Hey, hold the elevator.”


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