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Danny Castellano dislikes a lot of things. Philosophical graffiti. Flyers written in the second person. Videos of kittens. That photo of Sting playing the lute while his wife does yoga. Contrary to popular belief, however, it does actually take much more for him to actively dislike a human being. Wearing a Mellencamp t-shirt to a Springsteen show, for example, will get you on his list. Not adhering to proper laundry room etiquette, that'll put you right up there too. Treating those he cares about badly? Sure, write your own name at the top.

Being a Mormon? The jury's still out.

"Oh, come on, I said Dan," he gripes, taking his first look at the so-called name scrawled along the side of his takeaway coffee cup. The word MAN peeks out between his fingertips. "How hard is that to get right?" He grabs a hold of the carriage's pole to steady himself as the train rattles past a station. "This could be anybody's."

He might not actively dislike Kevin but he's definitely avoiding eye contact. After Kate's wedding and the almost-plague of locusts, Danny's being extra respectful of God these days.

It's not doing him much good this morning though. When he takes a sip of his drink, it's strawberry frappuccino that assaults his taste buds and the 6'4'' gentleman he's currently pressed up against really doesn't appreciate the way Danny spits it out over him.

"Sir," he holds up his hands, trying not to gag as the guy looms closer. "I apologize. I apologize, that was rude of me. I should have asked first."


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