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Name:Dr Danny Castellano
Location:NYC, New York, United States of America
[roleplay journal for danny castellano from the mindy project. i own nothing. all fun is had at RPG The City Never Sleeps, a.k.a. Darrow]

Interests (45):

basketball, being catholic, billfolds, bon jovi, bruce springsteen, chicken noodle zuppa, complex thrillers, dancing, deadliest catch, dr dan's funky ale (it's the funkiest), dr dan's summertime snickerdoodle ale, dry chicken nuggets, gingerbread houses, goldie, goodfellas, guiness book of records, jazz, jennifer love hewitt, john wayne, lavender, local news, miami vice, mr neck, oatmeal, paul simon, piano playing, pigeons, pizza ovens, project runway, robert ludlum, staten island, statue of liberty, sub sandwiches, the doors, the godfather, the gym, the hunger games, the mets, the national, the real housewives of miami, the way things work, tonic water, up in the air, when doofus met dummy, zepplin
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