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Danny Castellano


The end.


N'aww, I kid. Danny has been a whirlwind to play over the past two months. I've never had a pup that I've thrown myself into so hard and so fast before. He's had SO MANY THREADS since September! I loooove it. I'm a little wary of burning him or myself out though, so I think I'll take this NPC!disappearance plot as a chance to let him collect himself (and deal with the news he's apparently seen his father after 25 years and has a sister and y'know, kissed Mindy :o) and me some time to give my other pups (ohai, I haven't forgotten about you, I promise!) some attention. I am notoriously bad at playing pups when a new episode of the show comes out every week - I worry a lot that I'm being overly influenced by new canon and forgetting about the point I pulled someone from and it's something I'm battling with regarding Danny at the moment. It's hard to reconcile s3 Danny on screen who's got what he wants and my poor mid-season 2 Danny who's still pining and putting obstacles in his own way. As much as I'd love to let him gallop full-speed into Mindy's arms, I'm trying to keep a hold on his reigns and let him develop naturally without the Dandy fangirl in me taking over.


I obviously can't write a SOTP without mentioning Mindy <3 She and Kait are a pleasure to play with and there has always been a surprise in their threads, which as a roleplayer, I adore. Danny had pretty much reluctantly come to terms with Mindy not knowing anything from the last one or two years (SHOW! Y UR TIMELINE SO FUNKY?) and suddenly she knows everything and more! Right now he feels quite exposed and unsure how he should proceed. He wants to be a source of comfort for Mindy but he's kinda ended up being the exact opposite, despite his best efforts. It's a lot of fun to have their dynamic flipped on its head. I've always thought mid-s2 Danny seems more consciously aware of his feels for Mindy than she is (and he's certainly expressed them more obviously than she has) and Mindy catches up - for lack of a better term - at the plane kiss. So to have Mindy canon-updated to that point and Danny suddenly a step behind (in expression of feels, not in their complexity) is a real WOAH moment for him. He's still very much fighting insecurities, not to mention simply BEING IN DARROW. He does not deal well with change and yet that's all he's had for the past 8 weeks. The boy's exhausted. But I'm super excited to see how and when things unfold between them.

his future

The Mindy Project is obviously a comedy, so my aim in the future is to explore that side some more. I've loved playing Danny off THE MORMON (and want more) and am all over Hedwig's debut. It's only just started so Danny's pretty together at this point but I don't envision him staying that way for long XD GIVE ME MORE COMEDY THREADS, PEOPLE. Out of his comfort zone is where I love to play him :D I had SO much fun with him at Kate's bachelorette party and in his thread with Elle! XD

Holding off on his item for now. I'd like him to bump into not!Richie at some point. Thanksgiving plans...IDK. Midwives and stuff with Mindy - something to put them both on the same side! Getting him meeting new people, particularly some guys. ARE THERE ANY OTHER STATEN ISLAND PUPS?

my future

Ray Vecchio is my baby and always will be. His app is nearly done and I can't wait to get him into the city. After Ray, I'll either bring Danica Talos fresh from canon rather than as a transfer OR a brand new pup. I have a few in mind :D I'm not gonna say who though in case I drop a name and it turns out to be a passing whim.

To conclude, I'm having a blast playing in Darrow :D :D :D

Date: 2014-11-09 02:23 am (UTC)
latterdaysaint: (It was supposed to be all so exciting)
From: [personal profile] latterdaysaint
Kevin is spending Thanksgiving volunteering at a SOUP KITCHEN. All Danny ever did was feed a mouse. SUCK IT.

And omg give me Ray and lil sis ;__;

Date: 2014-11-09 01:38 pm (UTC)
latterdaysaint: (Your village is shit.)
From: [personal profile] latterdaysaint
At least Kevin has feelings :|

Date: 2014-11-09 02:25 am (UTC)
beyoncepadthai: (dan & min just pretending)
From: [personal profile] beyoncepadthai
<33333333333 Your Danny is my absolute favourite, and I'm sure you know that, and I really appreciate you holding his reigns when I sometimes loosen my grip on Mindy's. I think I have dragged out this metaphor too much, but alas. I think that you play him at that S2 point perfectly, I'm always impressed (IF FRUSTRATED, DANNY, YOU DUMB DUMB.)

Really looking forward to midwives. Common enemies are where it's at.

I also don't have Thanksgiving plans for Mindy, and should probably figure them out. >.>

Date: 2014-11-09 01:14 pm (UTC)
and_proud: (Default)
From: [personal profile] and_proud
I ALWAYS want to play it out if you're not tired of threading with me. XD I never want to overwhelm you. But yes, so much yes, I love your analysis of Danny IG and in canon - it's so on point.

WRONG ACCOUNT, but you know who I am.


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