Dec. 8th, 2014

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"The best thing about Darrow is the variety of hot people. Hot astrophysicists, hot bakers, superheroes like Captain America and the Ironman. All these dreamy mountains of white muscle, all ripe for the picking."

“But all of that is crap,” Danny concludes definitively, lifting a finger when Amelia opens her mouth to reply. “I told her: variety is not the spice of life. She’s Indian, so she’s biased. Her people are all about sexy zests and erotic aromas. I mean, cumin? C’mon.”

“Dr Lahiri is with a patient, Dr Castellano.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll wait. Do you know what variety is?” At Amelia’s wide-eyed look, Danny leans closer, lowering his head as well as his voice. “Dangerous. It’s dangerous! Especially in a place like Darrow. Variety means you never know who’s gonna do what. Variety means change. Constantly. Take you, for example. You just—poof—up and disappeared for what, two weeks without a trace and—"


“You and Dr Fowler and all my patients and—"

“I don’t understand. I haven’t taken any vacation time in…” She swivels in her chair to look at the wall calendar, several vials of unlabelled blood in each hand, still waiting to be dealt with since his interruption.

“Oh boy. Y’know what! I’m thinking of someone else. Definitely, definitely someone else.” He hears the door to Mindy’s office spring open and pokes his head out of phlebotomy. “Hey!” He greets with forced cheer. “Did you know Amelia hasn’t taken any vacation time in—"

“Six months.”

“Six whole months! How about that. Great chat, Ames.” He sends Mindy a pointed look – they’re surrounded by crazy – as he passes her into her office.

“I actually prefer Amelia.”

“She prefers Amelia, Mindy," he accuses. "Jeez.”


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